Two friends are wearing a dark and beige bra laughing together. Highlighted Work

A long-term relationship with bras & data

For more than 4 years, we've been helping True&Co. to match unique bras to unique bodies. We use our design, development and operations expertise to keep their online store working smoothly, improve it with new features and refine their bra fitting algorithm with data science.

A productivity power-up

Elétron Energy helps clients save a lot of money in the Brazilian Open Energy Market, but their methodology involved a lot of manual operations. Enters Integra, a web app that automates their activities and makes the process less error prone.

An example of Integra's dashboard user interface
An example of Sala de Triagem's user interface This is Ana. She guides users through questions about their health

Faster, more accurate medical triage

Sala de Triagem is a web app that assists health professionals and students through medical triage, making it faster and more accurate. The whole process is guided by Ana, the soothing nurse character we created to convey the system a more humane touch.

An example of AP1MC's user interface

Helping to fightdrought in Brazil

ASA Brasil is a NGO that brings water to dry regions in the Brazilian Northeast. This is done through many initiatives, all of which start with a form. We created a progressive web app which works offline and allows their staff to fill the forms using tablets in remote locations.

Other brands we've worked with

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  • Jacobian Engineering
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  • Lojistic
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