What we've done

A productivity power-up

We helped Elétron Energy to automate their activities and provide real-time access to critical information. Take a look

Other projects

Helping to fight drought in Brazil

ASA Brasil is a NGO that brings water to dry regions in the Brazilian Northeast. This is done through many initiatives, all of which start with a form. We created a progressive web app which works offline and allows their staff to fill the forms using tablets in remote locations.

Illustration of a happy dog

Helping deliver healthy, fresh-cooked food for your dog

PetPlate is a healthy pet food delivery service that provides fresh-cooked, ready to eat meals. Through a subscription-based system, PetPlate offers custom-portioned meals that match the individual caloric needs of each and every pup.

Recently, we joined their team to help them to revamp their user experience and develop new features to meet their rising customer base and bold plans.

An example of Sala de Triagem's user interface This is Ana. She guides users through questions about their health

Faster, more accurate medical triage

Sala de Triagem is a web app that assists health professionals and students through medical triage, making it faster and more accurate. The whole process is guided by Ana, the soothing nurse character we created to convey the system a more humane touch.

A unique software for a unique store

Endossa is a chain of collaborative stores that host hundreds of brands — from fashion to handicrafts goods. Bestseller brands keep being displayed, while the others make room for new ones. We created their entire back-and-front-office system, helping them manage sales, stock, financial and fiscal obligations.

Other brands we've worked with

  • ASA
  • Clearworks
  • InLoco
  • Endossa
  • Storenvy
  • Hero International
  • Metamaster
  • Jacobian Engineering
  • Zurb
  • DailyHelper
  • L.A.
  • Lojistic
  • Teslabit