What we do

Stamp of Software Studio

Studio Development

Your idea from concept to fully functional product.

Designers and developers working together to craft a new, engaging, easy-to-use and reliable product from scratch.

Incremental and iterative

Your software with new capabilities every two weeks.

Flexible software

Responsive, lightweight and elegant interfaces running on all the platforms you need.

Resilient back-end

Sturdy to withstand extensive usage, flexible to adapt to market changes.


Just a few or a thousand accesses per second: we make it work.

Stamp of Team Augmentation

Team Augmentation

Our expertise improving your staff.

We help build the software you need by using technologies that have most value to your business. We deliver high quality code, easy to extend and maintain.

Business oriented technology

Technology analysis from the business perspective. And the other way around.

Proactive developers

Hands-on consultants, always in synergy with your team.

High-quality work

Robust and carefully tested code incorporated into your system.

Extra hands

The strength you need to unburden your company and deliver faster.

Our job is to craft solutions for real problems.

What we master

Digital Product Design

Our team features researchers, usability experts and interaction & visual designers. A dream team, able to transform your ideas into engaging digital solutions. We observe and talk to the people who will use your product to know how they think and what they want to achieve. That way, we can design clear, to-the-point interfaces that help them do more with less.

Thoughtful Experience

We practice a human-centered approach. Our goal is to design for experiences, provoking emotional responses that add warmth to interactions. We are constantly seeking to understand users so we can exceed their expectations. The pragmatic and hedonic qualities of your product are taken into consideration to enable a more effective, as well as more affective, experience.

Adaptive Interfaces

Desktops, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, your fridge, it doesn't matter: we deliver web applications that adapt to any web device. Through responsive design, we consider the multiple contexts in which the software will be used and devise optimal interactions for each scenario, putting together an interface that is both sleek on mobile and powerful on desktop. And to make sure the software works in all these situations, we do plenty of testing in multiple devices and browsers.

Front-end Development

HTML, CSS, JavaScript — we master them all. Our expertise allows us to create professional, modularized code, easy to understand and maintain. We tailor semantic HTML markup, following the best accessibility practices. We write lean CSS and think of interfaces in terms of reusable components. JavaScript is used in many levels: from simple interactions, to complex, full-featured Single Page Applications.

Back-end Development

Programming is our specialty. We write world-class code, building performant and robust systems. Our experience with many languages, databases and tools helps us choose the most suitable technologies for your project. Our code is constantly checked by custom-written automated tests, which assure the application works as expected and raise red flags if a bug is introduced. On top of that, we follow the best industry practices regarding information security to keep your data safe and sound.

Publishing & Monitoring

We are constantly publishing new versions of your software to test features and changes, be it in a controlled environment or to the general public. But worry not, we don’t waste time whenever it happens: this process is automated and integrated with the tests so new versions of your app are deployed without breaking a sweat. After the system is published, we constantly monitor its availability and performance, to make sure your application is always running, fast and smoothly.

Big Data & Machine Learning

Today we produce more data than ever: usage and behavioral metrics, social media, images and videos… the list goes on. But keep in mind, data is not information. And information is not knowledge. Data has no use unless you can make sense of it and extract relevant insights from the raw facts. That’s where we come in: with a strong background in statistics and machine learning, we know how to collect, handle and analyze a huge amount of data. By applying powerful algorithms, we help you find patterns and extract useful information for your business.

Tech stack


  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Git
  • AngularJS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Elasticsearch
  • Heroku


  • Java
  • D3.js
  • React
  • Redux
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • RabbitMQ
  • Docker
  • Amazon Web Services


  • Elixir
  • Phoenix
  • Clojure
  • Node.js
  • Swift
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We see technology as a means to reach an end. So this list is always changing, hopefully getting bigger — only if a new tech could improve your product.