All-star team

  • Illustration of Artur A. walking on a slackline

    Artur Aquino

  • Illustration of Artur M. playing keyboards as a giant box of lemon juice

    Artur Montenegro

  • Illustration of Bruno using his high tech smartwatch

    Bruno Leite

  • Illustration of Camila getting ready to lift a barbell that has a dregree shape


  • translation missing:

    Francisco Carvalho

  • Illustration of Daniel cooking on a barbecue

    Daniel Zanzini

  • Illustration of Filipe and your pet bike

    Filipe W. Lima

  • Illustration of Filipe Soares climbing a wall with his cat on his shoulder and a skate on his hand

    Filipe Soares

  • Illustration of Guilherme playing on a pizza-shapped guitar

    Guilherme Carvalho

    Co-Founder & Developer
  • Illustration of Juliana sitting on a pencil throne, accompanied by a cat

    Juliana Carvalho

  • Illustration of Lailson searching for diammond imperfections

    Lailson Bandeira

    Co-Founder & Developer
  • Picture of Leonardo sitting on his knowledge-filled luggage

    Leonardo Brito

  • Illustration of a robot version of Lucas playing videogame

    Lucas Marinho

    Co-Founder & Developer
  • Illustration of Moisés as the Superhero of love

    Moisés Neto

  • translation missing:

    Renata Motta

  • Illustration of Ronney meditating

    Ronney Bezerra

  • Illustration of Sérgio playing with his daughter

    Sérgio Fontes

    Lead Designer
  • Illustration of Tiago as an armored warrior accompanied by a bunny, as seen on a clip from Monty Python's “The Holy Grail”

    Tiago Farias

  • Work with us

Picture of Guava's office in a cozy afternoon, showing people working


It isn’t very hard to imagine how we got started. Just picture three good programmers, back in 2011, who went to college together living in a city packed with software factories. (Almost) no one ever talked about “agile”, and we had a problem with that: full of ideas and opinions on how software should be made, we decided to create a different place, one where we’d actually want to work. That’s how “Guavaberry” started off, as a stronghold of quality software (later we heard “drop the berry” from a Napster dude).

From there on, it was all smooth sailing. We've started working with many clients worldwide and kept growing. Our team got bigger, acquiring a whole new set of special skills throughout the years. And we hope this is only the beginning.

Giving back

We believe in open source software, and that's one of the reasons we love Ruby.

We believe in open source software, and that's one of the reasons we love Ruby. In 2009, we founded Frevo on Rails, the Ruby User Group of Pernambuco, organizing more than 30 meetups since then. For three years in a row, we’ve organized, produced and designed Tropical Ruby, the second most important event about Ruby in Brazil and a major conference in Latin America. We also take part in, the local community of entrepreneurs, and sponsored initiatives like the Mangue.bit Conf and Rails Girls Recife.

Picture of several people with arms up at the end of Tropical Ruby 2015 conference
The grand finale of Tropical Ruby 2015.

Illustration of chat bubbles, representing a conversation
Also, we love to go to conferences around the world (don't be shy and say hi if you see us somewhere).